how could you play a webm or mp4 file in netsblox

  • i need help with this for a project in school, my other option is to upload screenshots I took. there are 174 of them and there are about 4 in a second of the video. but that would take a lot of time so.. yeah.

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    Currently, there isn't support for playing videos in NetsBlox but displaying those screenshots in a loop shouldn't be too much of a problem. There was a bug with importing large numbers of images which has been fixed on but hasn't yet been fixed on Here is how I would recommend proceeding:

    • Open the project on (same username/password and projects)
    • Open a file manager and select all the 174 images. Drag and drop them onto your NetsBlox project (opened in a browser window). It will import them all as costumes on the currently selected sprite/stage.
    • Save the project and open it in to work on it more!

    To display them like a slideshow, you should be able to program this behavior with an approach like this:
    0_1639078355691_myRole script pic (3).png

  • ok thank you

  • @brian Out of curiosity - what is the difference between the two links listed here? I am trying to find a solution to a similar issue with one of my students wanting to be able to use many images like this but the project file is now too big to save to the cloud. We are having trouble importing/opening it locally as well. Would this still be an issue on the dev website?


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    What error are you seeing when you try to export it locally? It wouldn't hurt to try the dev site but I can't think of any changes that would be relevant to that error.

    The main site, is the latest release on GitHub and is vetted so it should be stable. is the development site and loosely follows the main branch on GitHub. As a result, it has the latest features and early versions of upcoming services. Since it tracks the main branch, it also gets the bug fixes faster, too :) (even if it is generally considered less stable).