Excessive Password Reset Emails

  • administrators

    Hello everyone,

    This morning there was a malicious user who appears to have written a script to reset many people's passwords. If your account was targeted, you may have received many (I received over 1000) emails stating what your new password is. We will be migrating to another password reset scheme but, in the meantime, password resets have been disabled.

    If your account was targeted, here are a couple things to know:

    • The emails themselves are legitimate (they were just initiated by a malicious user using a script) so the last email you received should be your last password
    • If you cannot login using the last password (eg, if you deleted the emails), feel free to DM or email me and I can set you up with a temporary password so you can log back into your account

    I would like echo the sentiment from the Snap! team; it is disappointing when users try to cause problems for the NetsBlox community as then the NetsBlox team needs to spend more time addressing issues like these rather than working on cool new features, projects, and integrations for the platform.