Can NetsBlox capture a log of user actions?

  • For a research project we would like to perform learning analytics on a log of user's actions. Given that actions/events can be sent to a collaborator could those events instead be saved?

  • administrators

    Yeah, actually all edits to the project (the same edits that are shared during collaboration) are saved in the database by default all the time:

    There could be minor changes to this in the future (such as renaming the collection that the actions are stored in) but it should continue to be available for collecting user data for research!

    Otherwise, projects currently store their history in the project (for undo and replay mode) so the project xml could be analyzed as well (since it contains all the actions for the given project).

    If you have any questions about setting it up or usage, don't hesitate to reach out!

  • Thanks. That is good news. Is there a way to access this database or is the idea that we should be running our own server?

  • administrators

    It depends on whether you want to just capture the actions made on a given project or all the user edits across all projects (even unsaved ones!). If you just want to look at the actions taken while trying to solve a specific problem (project) then the actions in the replay log should be enough and you can use the deployment at However, if you want to collect metrics of all users using the server (unsaved projects and all), then setting up your own deployment would be the way to go.

    What types of metrics are you looking to collect? Are you just interested in the user actions on the submitted work or all the user actions across unsaved and saved projects?