"Not fully connected to server..." error - Explained

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    This can be caused by:

    • Incompatible Browser
    • Bad network configuration (likely in combination with an incompatible browser)


    • Refreshing the page
    • A different browser

    If none of the above works, take a screenshot (if you can open the developer console it's a big help!) and comment it on this thread!

    Pro tip - holding shift and clicking on the file dropdown will allow you to export your role which you allows you to bypass this error. That is, you don't need to be connected to the internet to export just your role.

    Detailed Explanation

    NetsBlox uses a technology called WebSockets to support the networking functionality in the browser (specifically, editing the room/roles and sending/receiving messages).

    Just like light bulb sockets connect a light bulb to the socket to allow them to pass electricity from the socket to the bulb, a websocket connects the browser and the NetsBlox server and allows the transfer of data between them (which NetsBlox uses to send the messages and data about the room - updates, edits, etc). Sometimes there are problems with the browser connecting using the websocket and, prior to v0.5.0, this would just fail silently; now, it will tell you that it couldn't "fully connect".

    The most likely problem is that either WebSockets are not supported by your browser or WebSockets aren't supported by your browser using your current internet connection (sometimes people use things like proxies which can make things a little trickier). When trying to fix it, the first approach try the approaches listed in the Overview section!