How robust is Netsblox for classroom use?

    1. As you probably know, Snap goes down from time to time. But at least it's got quite a few mirrors. Is there data on NetsBlox's uptime? i don't want to use this tool and then have it be unresponsive or down in class.

    2. NetsBlox seems to have many new features from Snap! Does it run on top of Snap or is it a fork?

    3. Is there a plan to introduce a text-based equivalent like PencilCode?


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    We don't currently have any metrics about the uptime but uptime hasn't been an issue when we have used it in classes at Vanderbilt or any of our studies/summer camps.

    NetsBlox is a fork of Snap! with its own backend support (message routing and such requires more backend support). If you are interested, the client code is available at and the rest is at

    There currently isn't a plan for a text-based equivalent. The codification features should be supported in NetsBlox since it is an extension of Snap!. However, we have been considering other platforms for deployment of NetsBlox projects (such as robotics platforms).

    If you decide that NetsBlox might be a good fit for your class and have any more questions feel free to either post them here or just email us directly! Although this platform is convenient, I respond faster to email :)

    Our contact email is and my email is