"When" block TypeError

  • The When block is not functioning. When dragged into the coding space, a "TypeError: Cannot read property 'scriptTarget' of undefined" message is given (see attached). The students working on their projects are having a hard time making progress without this function. Any thoughts? 0_1602164110126_Netsblo.PNG

  • administrators

    Hi @mloveless!

    Thanks for reporting the issue! I have tracked down the source of the issue and updated editor.netsblox.org. If any students still see the issue, they may have to do a "hard refresh" by pressing Control then F5.

    Thanks again for the heads up!

  • It looks like the When block issue is corrected. However, my students' projects are having tons of issues upon trying to continue to work on them today. Costumes are "empty" and not switching. Control blocks are working sporadically. Even work previously saved from last week is not showing up on the most recent versions.

  • administrators

    Sorry for the trouble! We ran into these errors as well and have just fixed them. After a hard refresh, it should be restored to the previous working version (with the exception that the "when" blocks should work).

    Please let me know if there are still remaining issues.