room codes

  • i feel like this exists, but i dont wanna be too sure. add room codes. it will better prevent people from getting into the wrong room, or allow a project, have multiple rooms. in a block, like
    {set room code to [eSa2!nmKI]}
    (room code) which reports the room.
    oh. also, if you need to know why i am asking for this, is bc i need to make two separate projects. one being the server, and one being the client. i need those two to be responding to eachother.

  • administrators

    Hi @topgamerpro16!

    Have you seen the PublicRoles service? It can be used to retrieve a publicly accessible address for your project (specifically, the individual role in the project):

    0_1604071753090_myRole script pic (55).png

    The ID returned by the above block can be used to allow other projects to send messages to your current project/role. For example, I could send "hello!" to this project using:

    0_1604071791257_myRole script pic (56).png

    This should allow you to communicate between your client and server projects :) Let me know if you have any questions/comments!

  • scratch what i said before. is there a way i can restrict a project from responding/sending messages to itself? like i said, client and server. and like most clients and servers, the client won't directly respond to its other copy. it needs to go through the server first.

    one last question....... maybe.....
    how can i keep my server running without my computer on?