502 bad gateway

  • what does this mean? i nearly thought "oh # :(... i was going to be banned from the only place thst actually didnt, or let me show myself." this happened here, and editor.netsblox.org. why did this happen?

    note: if you have an automatic banning system, please note: my games will have pingers.

  • administrators

    Hi @topgamerpro16,

    Sorry for the downtime. It should be back up now.

    Basically, the server was down for maintenance at around 4 am CST this morning and there were a couple surprises that resulted in a little more downtime this morning (at a reasonable time - around 9 or so CST).

    Sorry for the inconvenience! It shouldn't be a common occurrence - it had been over 900 days since that machine had been restarted so it was due for some updates!

  • administrators

    Oh, if you are interested in more details about the specific error, it is related to nginx, a reverse proxy used on the netsblox deployment. It is responsible for connecting traffic to the various subdomains (such as community.netsblox.org, editor.netsblox.org, etc) to the appropriate local applications. When the netsblox server application is not running and nginx receives a request to editor.netsblox.org, it returns the bad gateway error.