help! i logged out and i cant log back in! i need a life alert for my account.

  • @brian you know it is me, so, can you gie me back access?
    heres the problem... after i was banned from snap, my account was deleted. then, i logged out of netsblox editor. (if it wasnt clear, i signed up for netsblox with my snap account)
    also, i noticed it asked me for a new passowrd in my inbox, but icant seem to find it no matter how much i go into the "resend verification email" button. you know i am me. can you give me access?

  • administrators

    Your password has been reset and an email with your temporary password has been emailed to you!

  • still, no email.

    ik it seems i have a new account, but my home network still has the same ip doesnt it?
    also, if you can notice, the other topgamerpro16 had a school account. if you log the ISP.

  • @brian i got the email, just now, but how do i sign in?
    do i use link snap account?
    remember.... my account was deleted, so................

    and the "login" just says "could not find user Topgamerpro16"

  • administrators

    Hello again,

    Usernames are case-sensitive so make sure you use "topgamerpro16" rather than "Topgamerpro16". It looks like the account is already unlinked from the Snap! account so you should be able to login with the new password from the email.

    For a little more background, NetsBlox accounts can link to a Snap! account. The first time "login with Snap!" is used for an unseen Snap! account, a new NetsBlox account will be created an linked to the Snap! account. Otherwise, an existing NetsBlox account can be linked to a Snap! account using the "Link to Snap! account" option from the cloud icon. Linking to a Snap! account simply allows you to use your Snap! credentials to login to NetsBlox but does not disable logging in with your NetsBlox password. If something happens to your Snap! account, you should still be able to login using your NetsBlox username/password combination. If you did not set it up, you may need to use the "Reset password" option.

    Hopefully that helps clear things up!

  • @brian although i have not signed in, thank you.
    one last question..... how do i get my code from the account i am using right now and export it for the account the project actually belongs to? i remember before, that before i logged out i exported my project. after i logged out, and i try to access my projects, it warns me that i cant use it.

  • administrators

    When you export your project, it should automatically download as an XML file. When you would like to load it again, you can simply select "Import..." under the project/file menu in the top left and then select the downloaded XML file.