this is a tbd. but it will come.

  • i think i may have found a way to emulate snap projects within snap projects! the only thing i need is a way to not limit sprite count, rename the sprite, and get the x y as if 0, 0 was from a different coordinate. ike, not the middle of the stage.

    this is what i am thinking...
    (try and mentally parse this into a list)
    [[["Public", [[][b]]]]]

    my keyboard is going crazy! i am already tired also.

    oh and @brian i found a way to make the server secure..........(besides something that must stay unsaid!) YES i put a name email and what not feilds, but noone is even going to use them probobly!

    last thing, i am calling this "NetOS" bc i cant bother to share this on the snap forum, and bc netsblox allows me to do more!

    Note: i need collaborators. and IT IS NOT FINISHED!