the launch block says "cant touch this"

  • for some reason, a block doesnt work when launched. i tried putting it inside the block (intended) and in the outside too. why cant i launch this?
    no errors are produced. it just does nothing.

  • administrators

    Could you share a screenshot? The launch block appears to be working for me. I have shown an (albeit a bit unorthodox) example below for drawing a circle:

    0_1606257593355_myRole script pic (64).png

    In this case, the launch block runs the forever block (containing the "move 10 steps" block) concurrently and then enters its own forever loop (containing the "turn 15 degrees" block).

    Is this the type of behavior you are expecting when you run the "launch" block? It isn't the most common to use so I figured it would be worthwhile showing an example of the expected behavior of the block so there isn't any confusion!

  • i am sorry but to be honest, i am lazy. and a video would be better for that.
    open this project (sorry but remember i am unable to upload this as a file..... so..........)

    ok. this is giving me lag! can you give me the privilege to upload a file so i can just do it for later uploads?

    for now, i will just try to do it. with lag

    it has a limit. dont even care anymore im topgamerpro16&ProjectName=untitled (8)