Problem updating changes from collaborators

  • I have one student who continues to struggle with this issue in netsblox. He has tried refreshing/logging in. He uses chrome (we are on chromebooks). In addition, he is not able to add any code to this project. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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    Has he been collaborating with another student? If so, could the other student save the project so he can reopen it? How long have they been collaborating? It's also possible that this could be caused by a flaky connection while working with a collaborator (if both collaborators appear to have disconnected at once).

    If you are interested in a little more background:
    When two users are working collaboratively on a single project and one disconnects for a little bit, his/her computer will try to request any edits that it missed while it was disconnected. In this case, the disconnected computer was not able to fetch the missing actions.

    I have some suspicions about the cause (I suspect it is related to flaky internet connections) and will dig into it! Thanks for letting me know! Let me know if saving and reopening works.

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    I made an issue on GitHub (where the NetsBlox source code lives). Feel free to follow along there as I dig into it on my end:

  • I haven't had this issue except for the first time I used Ubuntu.

  • Thank you, I will follow along with this! The students were working at school, so it could be due to the internet connection. They were collaborating, but even when he tried to reopen it, he got the same message. They were working on this lab for a few days together at that point.

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    Gotcha. Thanks for the extra info! I suspect the internet connection is part of the cause but I will look into making NetsBlox more robust in the presence of flaky internet connections.

    In the meantime, I would recommend the student who is able to edit the project saves the project then have the student experiencing the issues reopen the project. If the project isn't saved before the student reopens, the student will open the last saved version and then try to fetch the actions from the collaborators (which appear to be missing).

    Let me know if there are any other issues!

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    As an update on this front, I have made some improvements to both make NetsBlox more robust to flaky connections as well as make it easier for users to recover if they encounter this error (click to reload the project automatically). It should be available on within the next few days.

    Happy holidays!