NetsBlox Updated to v0.15.x

  • administrators

    NetsBlox has been updated to version v0.15.0.

    This includes a significant change to project sharing. A project now has an owner, collaborators and guests.

    • The owner is the person who created it.
    • Collaborators can be invited and will be able to edit the project much like owners. This includes creating, removing, renaming roles as well as editing the actual content at the roles.
    • Guests can be invited to a role to run the project but cannot edit the content of the role.

    We also added a geolocation service, additional libraries (structured data and time helpers) as well as a number of bug fixes. More detailed information can be found in the release notes linked to above.

    Note: if you are running your own NetsBlox server, this release requires a database migration as described in the link above.